Big Fish Environmental

Big Fish Environmental designs and builds low-cost, environmentally sustainable, septage and high-strength waste processing facilities.


Big Fish Environmental is often asked to study the feasibility of a high-strength waste processing facility for various industry segments, municipalities, and unique applications. The entry-level for Big Fish System is a minimum of 10,000 gallons a day (or approximately 3 million gallons per year) to be self-sustainable with an optimum payback. But we encourage you to contact us with approximate volumes below that level. Oftentimes the opportunity exists in a given region to combine both high-strength industrial process wastewater and septage for treatment to produce a volume that is financially feasible. We can do that research for you.

For the cost of travel and a per diem fee, Big Fish will provide a Phase One in-depth review of concepts, plans, opportunities, and determine the ultimate feasibility of a Big Fish System.

Phase One

1. Review of proposed site plan and any preliminary construction plans

2. Identify the type of facility that will be required to process material, and whether the ideal viable solution will be privately owned or municipal, or some combination of the two

3. Determine how the proposed plans will be in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations

4. Discuss and discover other possible market opportunities within the region

5. Determine the quantity of components and controls required for the application- whether a wastewater treatment plant, a ground water discharge situation, or the possibility for surface water discharge

6.  Explore all financing opportunities available- the appropriateness of  utilizing grants, loans, private investors, or a combination of each

7. Formulate the preliminary budget for a system based on acquired data, and prepare initial economic metrics

8. Determine the specific requirements and parameters of regulatory acceptance

9. Provide recommendations and direction

Phase Two

Contract Big Fish to perform an extensive feasibility study that confirms the information gathered in Phase One, and confirms both the quality and quantity of material that will need to be processed. Based on the confirmation of this information, Big Fish will then design a plan that will be sized correctly to both accommodate the process and be cost-effective to operate by:  determining the component needs and costs, the labor costs, researching available information on regional haulers and estimating daily volumes, determining value and quantity of Class A bio-solids produced based on daily volumes, exploring other area private industry processing opportunities, anticipating all possible combinations of waste materials that can potentially enter the system, providing scientific proof of the system viability, finalizing total system costs, operation costs, and estimate projections of operator income.

Call us today to learn how we can help you build a system that meets your waste processing needs and generates income at the same time.