Big Fish Environmental

Big Fish Environmental designs and builds low-cost, environmentally sustainable, septage and high-strength waste processing facilities.


The Big Fish Process: Septage haulers access the secure facility anytime day or night, and hook up to the Big Fish System. This computerized identification system records the hauler, the volume of material that is transferred for billing purposes, and can be customized to provide any other desired information. First, the material travels through a separator where metals and any other foreign objects are removed. Separated material is taken to a landfill, but it usually only amounts to about .01% of the total volume processed.

When the material leaves the separator, it is screened, homogenized and lime stabilized. The lime stabilized material is pumped into a device that separates the solids and liquids. The solids are heated to 212 degrees to become fertilizer, and the liquids continue through the next process for further strength reduction. The liquids may go directly to a wastewater treatment facility or Big Fish can further treat the material to meet ground or surface water discharge quality. Note: The State of Michigan has the most stringent and punitive environmental protection regulations in the U.S.