Big Fish Environmental

Big Fish Environmental designs and builds low-cost, environmentally sustainable, septage and high-strength waste processing facilities.

Private Industry

The Big Fish System can be scaled to fit the needs of many private industries that need high-strength waste processed. Often, it makes good long-term economic sense to own a sustainable system when compared paying rising monthly disposal costs. Our experience encompasses these industry segments:
• Septage
• Biosolids
• Porta-Jons
• Fats-Oils-Grease (FOG)
• Food Industry
• Cherry Processing
• Meat Industry
• Coffee Bean Mucus Processing
Big Fish processes these high strength materials to a strength of LESS than residential strength waste water (50-60 mg/l BOD and TSS) and are capable of obtaining ground water discharge requirements. Let us do a feasibility study for you to compare the cost of disposal with the cost of processing.